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Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing
To Help Your Business Grow

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Why Should You Partner With Us?

Baltic State Bank is partnered with Round 2 POS, a technology company with the mission of providing superior merchant processing solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.


Round 2 POS offers no hidden fees, competitive rates, excellent service and support you can count on. To keep your business growing, you need to maximize your margin.  Credit card processing fees cut into that margin.  So keeping those costs low is critical for your success.  
At the same time, you need payment processing to be seamless and hassle-free.  


The solutions provided by Round 2 POS gives the merchant the highest level of support with their credit card processing and the and ability to use modern technologies for fast and efficient processing of customer’s transactions with the highest level of security available.

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Cash Discounting

Build Customer Loyalty Through Cash Discounting

  • Offer a discount to customer paying with cash. Customers using non-cash payments pay your transactions fees.

  • Provide clear signage which explains your pricing for  customers.

  • Compliant with current cash discounting best practices.

Process for free with our cash discounting program. Cash discounting allows your customers to save money with cash purchases and for you to cover the cost of your credit and debit transactions.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Access to all the features you need to run your business

Electronic Invoicing
Reoccurring Payments

The simple, fast and efficient way to process credit card payments online.

Send invoices right

to the customer's inbox.

Supports all reoccurring

plans and memberships.

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Available Smart
Mobile Terminals

The Pax A920 and A80 smart terminals are Android-based devices that deliver the highest payment security.  The PAX A920 combines the full features of an Android tablet with a powerful mobile payment terminal, all in a sleek and compact design.  The PAX A80, the most cost-effective device is a powerful, game-changing countertop platform.

Mobile Devices
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